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Professional services branding: past, present and future

Recruitment Insights / 27.06.2017


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In May tml Partners hosted a roundtable discussion bringing together CMOs and Marketing Directors from a variety of professional services firms. The debate centred on the changing priorities of the CMO and specifically how branding is evolving within the industry.

We were joined by Jamie White, founder of branding agency Overture London, who began a provocative debate by outlining the importance of challenging the status quo when it comes to branding a professional services firm. Jamie kicked off the debate by centring on thought leadership. All too often it is this what forms the basis of professional services marketing campaigns but what’s going to be effective is leadership action. Internal branding and employee communications are also taking up much of CMO’s time. Agile working environments are going to completely shake up the way in which an employee relates to their firm’s brand, so brands need to be flexible and allow employees to be themselves. Jamie’s final point was around technology. Firms need to focus on humanity as that’s what clients crave.

The discussion then opened around the table and some common themes came out of the debate, including the challenges professional services CMOs face, leadership, purpose, the role of business development and the effects of technology on the sector.

Download the full report here.



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